What Makes Next For The Ever Quickening Fast Fashion?

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What global factors are at play in fashion design?
 Global questions are the most complicated ones to follow, as they’ve got an incomprehensible number of factors. However, it’s not impossible to do so. I am convinced that the answer to the question of what global factors are at play in fashion design is “the majority”, but I will need to provide a bigger picture of the industry to back it up. To do that I identified and researched three questions which in my opinion are able to give you a good picture of events. 1. What is next for the ever-quickening fast fashion? Modern fashion world can be absolutely defined by its speed. If not by it being faster than ever (when the future might be taken into consideration), than definitely by the astonishing milestone it’s now facing. Beforehand fashion was rather paced out, structured, new trends were introduced biannually at the allocated times. Today with that much freedom and technological progress at out hands fashion became instantaneous. Trends used to start being developed years in advance, carefully calculating _______________(year), not with the ever growing popularity of social media the structure and the periodicality of trend forcasting changed drastically(year). There is no more speculations, only research and analysis. Knowing where to look it can be easily found what exactly is growing positively or negatively on the market. Currently there are companies like Inditex, how have new products coming into their shops

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