What Makes Nursing A Profession?

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Nursing is a multidisciplinary profession in which caring, holism, endurance, effective patient care and patient safety are simultaneously executed. Nursing is a unique profession whereby personal experience and a personal philosophy contribute to great nursing care. In this paper, I will review my view of nursing and what makes it a unique profession. Nursing as a Profession What makes nursing a profession? Definition. According to the ANA, the requirements for nursing profession are education, service, autonomy, theory, and the code of ethics. Nurses undergo prolonged schooling which emphasizes critical thinking and clinical reasoning (). Nurses are educated in both scientific data and humanistic values. These two fields are vital in patient care. Nurses provide a service specific to only the nursing profession. Instead of only treating the illness, nurses treat the individual as a whole. Provision 1.3 of the ANA code of ethics states “optimal nursing care enables the patient to live with as much physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being as possible” (). Autonomy allows nurses to practice independent direct nursing care activities and care coordination (). Independence grants the nurse responsibility and accountability for care provided and decisions made. Nursing theories provide a basis for care specific to each nurse. The many nursing and healthcare values and practice. Theories allow nurses to identify with concepts that relate to their beliefs, aiding
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