What Makes One Company Better?

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A manager today under any company faces many challenges that the market would not have predicted 50 years ago. There are many obstacles that are encountered in the workforce to keep employees motivated. It is important to keep attracting young yet skilled employees. In order to bring workers with high credentials and a driven passion for the job, they have to keep them motivated. What makes one company better than the next one of the same fields? Some examples of motivation could come such as a diverse workplace, keeping them involved and engaged, and having desirable rewards and benefits. With all these in consideration, there is no way that young individuals will not consider your company! Becoming diverse does not just necessarily mean people of color alone, but also comes such as more women entering, and different sexual preferences (lesbian, gay, etc.,). Since the past 40 years, "Women went from holding 37 percent of all jobs to 47 percent" (Sophia Kerbey and Crosby Burns, Center for American Progress). It is believed that combining workers with different backgrounds can "breed a more creative, innovative and productive workforce" (Center for American Progress). Having diversity among co-workers can promote respect since it gives the opportunity to understand backgrounds such as work styles and experiences. By bringing in more employees with different backgrounds it can help a business reputation because it is important within an organization when they demonstrate
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