What Makes One Source More Effective Than Others?

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1. (5 points) Explain the concept of sourcing. What makes one source more effective than others? The concept of sourcing comes from a part of the recruiting process as it is done for internal as well as external job candidates, and it involves analyzing different possible sources of recruits to identify those best able to meet the organization’s recruitment goals. Both internal and external sourcing has strengths and limitations such as an organization that relies solely on internal sourcing also runs the risk of limiting new ideas and insights and on the other hand external candidates may be more likely than insiders to see challenges and opportunities in a new way and to bring fresh ideas to the company. But than again, external sourcing usually takes longer than internal sourcing and costs more as well, all in all, at some point many organizations rely on external recruiting sources to bring in new talent or desired skills (Phillips & Gully, 2014). Internal sourcing often lies at the core of an organization’s recruitment system and a lot of times current employees are usually considered first when a job becomes available particularly for organizations whose talent philosophy supports promotion from within, such as the company I work for, therefore making internal sourcing more effective than external sourcing. Due to the fact that current employees can quickly grasp the concept of the skills and information needed for the position once hired, a lot of companies try
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