What Makes People Bad Leaders? Essay

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Poor leaders are everywhere, they exist in all walks of life in both the military and the civilian world. There are countless examples of what not to do and who not to be but focusing on what makes people bad leaders is only half of the self reflecting necessary for self improvement. You should take the time to find examples of those who have exemplified what it means to be a good leader and understand how they overcame difficult times. Every success and failure is a tool to add to your toolbox. Learning from the past is a way to prepare yourself for the future. While your situation may not be exactly the same it is good to know how your decision is likely to turn out before you give orders.

Major Kuldip Singh Chanduri is a living example of a leader who against all odds inspired his men to stand their grown and not only fight against impossible odds but triumph. Major Kuldip Singh Chanduri was the commanding officer of the 23rd Battalion Punjab Regiment in the Indian Army during the Battle of Longewala against Pakistan in 1971. The battle took place in the Thar desert of Rajasthan and was the first major battle in western India during the war. Under Major Chanduri 's command the smaller Punjab regiment not only defended against an armored Pakistani invasion but drove the Pakistani Army back after taking the offensive.

On December 4 1971 Pakistan attacked the Longewala post where Chanduri and his men were stationed, being severely outnumbered Major Chanduri radioed the

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