What Makes Quantum Break?

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Remedy Entertainment has been working on Quantum Break for the past several years and they set out to deliver a unique experience, the likes of which no one had ever seen before. The hybrid game, TV show concept certainly posed amazing possibilities, but the reality turns out to be that Quantum Break is an entertaining TV show that unfortunately, is an average game. Perhaps one of the most surprises aspects of Quantum Break has to be its uniqueness, and those things include Junctions, Stutters and of course, the TV show. Where Quantum Break falls short is in its core gameplay and mechanics, both of which turn out to be repetitive and unsatisfying. However, let 's start with what makes Quantum Break such an entertaining experience, even despite some of its shortcomings. The four episodes that encompass the TV show are actually very enjoyable, and I connected with many of the characters in the game. From the main characters to the supporting cast, Quantum Break the TV show delivered in a big way. The TV episodes were brilliant in that they showed the other side of the coin, i.e. Monarch Solutions. Gameplay was centered on Jack Joyce and his plight to stop time from ending, while TV time was used for embellishing the fascinating and complex characters of Monarch. Getting to know their families, fears and fates all helped add so much depth. Characters you 'll frequently see in these episodes are people like Paul Serene (Founder of Monarch Solutions), Martin Hatch (Paul 's
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