What Makes Romeo And Juliet Tragic Essay

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What Makes Tragic Ends so Tragic? By: Patryk Blach
Tragedy is what makes Shakespeare’s plays so popular. In today’s case we will talk about Romeo and Juliet, a story about two lovers whose love led them to an untimely demise. The two had a great passion for being kind, they may have acted too quickly just for love, and their tragic end led to the catharsis of the characters feelings.
Romeo and Juliet have qualities where they may be viewed as kind and caring for others. Always thinking of others before themselves. Romeo was always patient and calm when it came to disputes between the Montague’s and Capulet’s. Whenever he was rudely insulted he also reacted calmly and didn’t take offence. Likewise, Juliet always obeyed her family’s wishes. “I’ll
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Living through the death of their children, Montague and Capulet were grief-stricken. All their lives they hated each other, for it all to just lead to more death. This was the last straw, the death of their children empowered Capulet and Montague to make up and forgive each other and Verona for all the violence and fear they have created. “O brother Montague, give me thy hand. This is my daughters jointure, for no more can I demand/ But I can give thee more; for I will raise her statue in pure gold”. Friar Laurence feels that it is his fault that Romeo and Juliet are dead. He believed that their marriage could lead to the end of the feud and finally bring peace to Verona. He tried with all his power to make it work, but in the end the lovers died. He may have gotten his wish, but not at this price. Juliet’s nurse probably feels the same way as Friar Laurence does. She thinks that the death of the two lovers is her fault as well. She tried to aid Juliet when she needed it most, “I think best you married with the County. O, he’s a lovely gentleman!” When Juliet asked what she must do when it came to marrying Paris, the Nurse told her to marry him. This is not what Juliet wanted to hear, but she agreed with the Nurse and went to Friar Laurence for help behind her family and her Nurses
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