What Makes Russia so Homophobic?

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What Makes Russia so Homophobic? By Emma Witkin Homophobia is the fear or hatred of homosexuals and homosexuality and is a trait that, according to Olga Khazan, over half of Russian citizens possess. It can be expressed in many different negative ways but it almost always results in harm to LGBT people. Homophobia has become a huge issue in Russia and in 2013 there were 25 hate crimes 2 of which resulted in murder (Spotlight on Russian Homophobia on Eve of Sochi Olympics). Homophobia in Russia has become so extreme that LGBT people can no longer feel safe in their own country. In Russia LGBT people face hate crimes and unjust laws. This has been going on for a long time but the problem has become much mere severe in the last 20 years. The intense and widespread homophobia in Russia is due to the effects of past Russian communism, The Russian Orthodox Church, and the Russian governments homophobic leaders. LGBT people living or visiting Russia face homophobia on a daily basis. There are many hate crimes against LGBT people. In 2013, 25 hate crimes were reported against LGBT people and two murders were reported (“Make Olympics In Russia The Gayest Ever.”CNN Wire 2 Aug. 2013. Opposing Viewpoints in Context). These hate crimes are directly targeted at people who are LGBT and show the danger and homophobia these people have to face. This shows that Russian homosexuals cannot feel safe in their own country, and that there are many people who feel so strongly against
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