What Makes Someone A Criminal?

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What makes someone a criminal? June from Brotherly Love is a criminal in the laws eyes but not really one in the communities eyes. Brotherly Love is a movie about a star basketball player named sergio and his friends and family. June is the oldest brother of his siblings and he takes care of them. In the laws eyes he is a criminal but in the eyes of the community and to his family he is just someone who is taking care of his family the only way he knows how. June is an outlaw hero for many reasons such as his age, looks, and his lack of care for laws. Brotherly Love is a movie about a the number one ranked basketball player who lives in Philadelphia and attends Overbrook High School along with his sister Jackie. His father died and now…show more content…
So in Junes eyes he has to make quick money and a lot of it. His sister also asks for fifty dollars everyday before school. Even some of the people in the community blame the hood rather than than the gangster or drug dealer. Meaning they say it is because they grew up in the hood that they are selling drugs and acting out instead of blaming the person for doing the crime. For example when June and Sergio went into the barbershop the barber was talking to Sergio and said “I done seen this hood take down the best.” His community does not think of him as a criminal instead they are divided in half. One side thinks that the hood did this to him and the other half thinks that he is just doing this to support his family. Either way his community does not see him as a criminal instead they blame everything else. June himself knows that he is doing illegal things and he does not seem to care. He thinks it is a quick way to get money to support his family. Society on the other hand looks down upon these actions. They think it is not enough of a reason to just say he is doing this because this is what he was raised to see or he is just doing it to support his family. While June and his three friends were hanging out in his room one of his friends started swinging a gun and June said “stop”. His friend then said “you scared to die.’ June replied with “ No I just have responsibilities.” June knows that these illegal actions have consequences but he does not
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