What Makes The Greatness Of Soul In Tobias Wolff's Things Fall Apart?

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Unlike Walter, “a philosopher in grain, – speculative, – systematical” (60) scientist who systemizes, philosophizes, and rationalizes every argument he makes, Toby is able to think of the other and identify with the subject; even if such characteristics may be considered as effeminate, Toby’s compassion for his fellow subjects is what constitutes his greatness of soul. Toby would, as aforementioned, throw “himself back in his arm-chair,” “[lift] up his hands, his eyes, and one leg” to display his shock at Walter’s indifference toward one of his family members. Toby’s physical gestures are paralleled with his reactions toward comments made by other characters, for apart from his “shocked” gestures of throwing “himself back in his arm-chair,
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