What Makes The Medical Procedures That Helps A Patient Defeat The Cruel Disease?

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Cancer has been devastating to humans killing beloved people and tearing peoples’ families apart. A disease that is caused by uncontrolled growth of cells in part of a human’s body which ends up controlling the person’s life practically pulling the soul out of the patient. Though there is no cure yet medicine has advanced enough to have developed a type of medicine that is supposed to kill these uncontrolled cells. This type of savage medicine is known as chemotherapy which is know for its harsh and devastating side effects which often times makes the patient worse than when they started. Chemotherapy must be stopped being practiced due to its unreliable and harsh ways this kind of medicine should avoided and research should be put into other techniques. To understand the medical procedures that helps a patient defeat the cruel disease one must understand what exactly cancer is. Cancer is not just a normal human killing disease. Every patient, and every case is different and that what makes treating cancer so difficult for doctors. Basically humans run off the cells that are in their bodies. These cells do a very specific job and often split to form more cells and once when the cells get weak and damaged they have more cells that replace them. Cancer begins once these cells rapidly grow out of control and form mutated cells that do not function normally. They interrupt the natural production the cells do and often cause problems for the patient. Quite frequently these…
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