What Makes The Pill?

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Imagine your friend telling you your outfit looked good when in fact you had three stains on your shirt. Imagine your coach telling you you performed to the best of your ability in today’s game, when last game you hit three home-runs. Imagine your boss telling you you’re the best employee he’s ever had, yet gives the promotion to your co-worker. These are some scenario’s that have a higher chance of occurring if I were to take the happiness pill. Therefore, I have decided not to take the pill because according to Epicurus there are three influences that determine your happiness and being being blinded by the truth is not one of them. The truth in this case, is more important to me. Epicurus was one of the only philosophers to figure out what happiness was and knew we all were capable of finding it. He says we are all looking in the wrong place because we think pleasures are what makes us happy. Having a pleasurable life is important but pleasures are not the foundation of our happiness. Epicurus rebuts the notion that money buys us happiness by introducing the three elements that actually make us happy – friendships, freedom, and an analyzed life. Epicurus theory of happiness is what is going to help defend the choice to not take the pill. Plato’s theory of happiness works just as well as a defense but his virtues of wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice don’t defend as well as Epicurus’. Particularly Epicurus view that we need to analyze our lives to be happy. When we

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