What Makes The Roman Ruins In Spain

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Spain, one of the most visited countries also one of the most historical places in the world. When people think of Spain they think of the big cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. As most people already know, Spain was once ruled by The Roman Empire. Since Spain was once ruled by Rome, many people go to Spain just to see the ruins left behind such as, The Alhambra which is also one of Spain's major tourist attraction. Some famous areas such as Toledo, Spain also known as the "City of The Three Cultures" is home to many Roman Ruins which have either been rebuilt or have broken down over the years. What makes the Roman Ruins in Spain so important? The main purpose of these ruins is to learn and or figure out the life styles of the Romans.

Toledo, Spain; home of many historical land marks of the Romans. This city is listed on the UNESCO's World Heritage Site, this helps save and preserve the heritage and history of the city. Toledo, Spain contains countless churches, palaces, mosques, fortresses, synagogues, and museums, these marks showcase the many backgrounds of the land and of its previous owners. One of Toledo's most famous landmark is The Alcazar because of its wealth of its cultural heritage. Throughout time, this land has seen many different developments from many different
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At the time they created a drainage / sewer system that allowed people to use and get fresh water easily. One amazing thing about this system is that it is still being used today! Another site to visit would be The City of Merida it gives most of Rome's ruins in Spain such as a Roman forum and an amphitheater. Another site to see would be Italica, the ruins in this city give visitors the chance to see and experience how life was like back in that time, It give off plenty of history and would be a great way to waste
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