What Makes The Strongest Rubber Band?

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The strongest rubber band is one that can be stretched, but not broken. I believe that many of our service members are like rubber bands, they have been pulled at in many different directions, but they have yet to be broken.

The fear that men and women have for their loved ones in the armed services appears to be massive, and why should it not be? When you look at and listen to the poetry of the Warrior Writers, it should be unsettling for someone to hear. It should also be upsetting to know that the military does very little to help these persons who have enlisted into the military under the false pretenses that their lives would be better, and then their lives end up worse.
What makes someone so strong that they can be bent but not broken? Being resilient. Resilience is weighing in the positive factors of someone’s life and balancing them with the negative factors. The fact that an individual has a strong sense of belonging helps to build resiliency, someone being exposed to trauma then weakens his or her ability to be resilient. It is very similar to almost a game. However, I may fear that my boyfriend will return home a different person; there are positive factors that help to build up resiliency. My church is a very close-knit community and he is very close to his cousin, another active duty military service member. It is with hope that Glenn will be able to embrace those positive factors that he holds and is able to withstand losing himself in the war. One thing
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