What Makes Us Human?

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What Makes Us Human Being a human is a lot more complex than people believe it to be. Although we can be similar, we’re unique to any other mammals or animals in the world. Humans are a difficult species to understand. We’re constantly changing and creating or discovering new things, throughout our world. Being a human isn’t always easy; we get things thrown at us suddenly like sickness or death, things go wrong such as failing a test or going through a breakup, and the most challenging thing; trying to fit in to our crazy world. Unlike our most common primate, the apes, we have a difference in physical appearance and anatomy, a stronger and wider broad spectrum of communication, and a complicated system of emotions and feelings. The physical features and anatomy of the human body are unlike any other mammal. Humans have the ability to look different from one another, whether it’s structurally or physically. Humans are born with multiple differences; hair colour, race, eye colour, etc. We’re born with a set plan for how we’re supposed to look as we get older and a pathway of growth that makes us unique from everybody else. Unlike apes, we look different from one another. You could put best friends, strangers, or even a family next to each other and you could pick out multiple differences between them. No two humans are exactly the same. On the other hand, there are no drastic changes between two apes. Again, whether you put close apes, strangers or a family next

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