What Makes Us Special? Essay

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If you look the word person up in the dictionary, it says to be a human being. So according to the dictionary, in order to be a person, we have to be a human first. In that case, no animal can be a person. Our species, “human”, separates us from the animal kingdom. We first think about how we as humans are so much more complex than animals, but truthfully, there are only a few special things that separate us from them. Natalie Wolchover said, “There’s no consensus on the question of what makes us special, or whether we even are. The biggest point of contention is whether our cognitive abilities differ from those of other animals ‘in-kind’, or merely in degree. Are we in a class by ourselves or just the smartest ones in our class?” Our speech, for example, is one thing that separates us from all other creatures on earth. Animals do not have the ability to conduct words, or have a conversation like we do. Sure, there are birds that mimic our words and have creatively formed their voices to match our words, but try to carry a normal conversation with them; they won’t be able to do anything, but mimic the words we have taught them. Their speech, unlike ours, is very limited. Our ability to learn a language is in-depth. We learn a language that our parents teach us when we are young, shortly, we catch on without a problem. Eventually as we age, we are required to learn a foreign language in high school. We take classes to help us learn that language and if we

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