What Makes War So A Last War? Essay

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War has alway been intriguing to people across all generations and time periods. What causes war, what makes war more likely, and how can one prevent wars? It’s an age old question that no one has yet to pin down the underlying problems within actors that possess them to go to the extreme to solve problems. Wars have been fought since the beginning of recorded time, and will there ever be a last war? Description There are many reasons that would cause two actors to go to war. One being that there is a conflict between states’ interests as well as states’ looking for wealth, power, and security. One may ask, “why can’t states get together and talk out a solution?” They can, but underlying problems and other factors play heavily into the equation that cause such drastic actions. Most wars have been started over disputes over territory. The resources that accompany the land is what makes it so likely to fight over it. With the resources that you can gain it can lead to a greater wealth. When you take the money that you gain from the land, you can become more powerful and use it towards your security as a state. From Ancient Rome, to modern America, land has always been at the forefront. Starting in the earliest days of America, people were always looking west. The race for control of natural resources and the wealth that comes along with them, was always going to cause conflict. Whether it be with the French, Indians, or other groups inhabiting the land. A modern

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