What Makes You Happy?

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Particularly, genuinely true consistent happiness is achievable through an attitude of gratitude. Throughout the generations, humans have long sought to grasp the concept of living in a consistent state of happiness. Proof of this can be found in the constitution of the United States, as their forth fathers placed emphasis on the freedom to the pursuit of happiness. In today’s culture, it is often heard the saying. “Do what makes you happy”. Likewise, Parents tell their kids to choose true happiness as a priority in their lives. The emphasis on happiness comes from a true fact. In comparison to unhappy individuals, happy individuals are more productive at work and have higher incomes, are more tolerant, creative, decisive, persistent, emphatic, have more friends and better marriages (Seligman, 2002) Abascal, J., Brucato, L., Stephenson, P., & Brucato, D. (2009). Furthermore, consistent Happiness might be a bit more complex that one may think. It is a road of many paths, some path that move or disappear and some that lead in the wrong direction. Even so, gratitude may be the road map to consistent happiness. First of all, to some people, happiness based on positive emotions may be short lived. As ever changing human beings, evolution has taught us to adapt, survive and sustain ourselves by forming communities, stablishing civilization and adhering to climate and circumstantial changes. Even so now, as a part of our adaptability, we tend to adapt to fortunate circumstances…

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