What Makes You Have Cancer?

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“You have Cancer.” A single sentence that is among the most devastating words one could hear from a doctor today. They immediately cause one to go into shock then fear then shock, swinging back and forth like a pendulum in an old clock. Suddenly, time becomes the most valuable resource known to man and one will sacrifice everything else to get more. Cancer, has followed me through life almost like my own shadow, never truly touching me but gripping those I love. Who knew that three years ago sitting at the kitchen table my life would be flipped upside down, and I would lose all the time I thought I had. Humming, I turned the steering wheel to the right directing the car onto a two lane road with farm pastures on either side. All around me everything seemed to be playing a song. The leaves fell from the trees. All the colors each singing different notes. I had turned the radio off, because I knew that I wanted to sing about the things around me, proclaiming God’s glory. My brother slept the whole trip back from school. Even after pulling in to the driveway and turning the car off my brothers were still asleep. Tired as they always were, but this might have been different kind of tired, a kind of tired that comes from your dad being sick. My dad had become Jaundice and went to the doctor today. How very stressful it is to have your dad be sick and your mother just as sick with worry.
I woke them up with a quick, still statement, “Guys, we are home.” With many grumbles, they…

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