What Makes You Have Cancer?

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“You have cancer” are three words that no one wants to hear. In an instant, someone’s life was changed forever. Multiple myeloma is one of those scary forms of cancer. It is defined as a type of cancer that affects a certain kind of white blood cells called plasma cells (Multiple Myeloma Pamphlet 4). It may seem scary, but fortunately, there are many different kinds of treatment to either treat the disease itself, or to treat the symptoms. Some of the symptoms can be minor, but there are also some major symptoms that can lead to serious problems. Before a doctor can treat a patient with any kind of medications or remedies, he must perform many tests to assure an accurate diagnosis. He would go through the patient 's medical history and their daily routine to see if that person has any specific risk factors that are associated with multiple myeloma. Most of the discoveries made about this disease came after the start of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. They provide grants to hospitals and laboratories so that they can create new drugs and, someday, find a cure for it (Giusti 9). Multiple myeloma is a devastating disease that has many scary side effects and treatment options, but it is quickly becoming one of the most researched forms of cancer in the United States, which has led to many new discoveries.
Yearly, there are about thirteen thousand people that learn that they have multiple myeloma (Multiple Myeloma Pamphlet 1). Most of those thirteen thousand are older…

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