What Makes You Me?

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Know Yourself

It has been said that much about a person’s lifestyle can be predicted just by knowing his or her own culture. With this being said it would make sense as to why my life has always been so unpredictable, seeing that I’ve never known much about my own culture. It’s not so much that I’m unaware of my African American culture, but more in fact that despite being a product of my culture, I could never really relate to or fit in with other members of my own culture. I always seem to feel out of place wherever I go, from classrooms, to my workplace and even at family reunions. I think this deep sense of feeling so out of place stems from my diverse upbringing. As the son of a military family I moved around quite frequently, sometimes changing states every other month and subsequently was consistently required to adapt to different environments & cultures throughout my life. It wasn’t so much the fact of having to adapt to new cultures so frequently that was difficult in fact it was due to this experience that I developed such a diverse personality and became so open to embracing and learning about other cultures. I believe my main issue growing up without a consistent culture or concrete background was that it seemed like I was always being forced to adapt and I always felt like the only one who was different from everyone else, even if I looked similar to everyone else. Growing up African American living in numerous parts of the…

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