What Makes You Me?

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There are many different places in my life that mean a lot to me, that have a significance to me. In either their significant from a certain memory or just what they represent to me. Not everyone will understand the importance of these places’ that mean so much to myself. Majority of these places are important not because of that one time, but because of the many times. They are important because of how they played a part in shaping me, who I am today. I have a second home with two grandparents who love me as if I were their own child. I formed a tradition that helps me remind me of what I have, a family that loves me. And I was able to travel to a new country that helped me find my true self and become the strong independent woman that I am today. Each of these places could be explained in more detail with more background information to help the reader understand the significance. But that’s what makes all these places special. For I am the only one who fully understands the story and meaning behind them.
My mother has four children, myself being the youngest out of the four. My father, on the other hand, only has one child which is myself. I am basically the girl version of my father, his splitting image. My grandmother, my dad’s mom, instantly fell in love with me when I was born. She would always offer to babysit me and would visit as often as possible. So both my parents decided that I would spend every weekend at my grandparents’ house. Every Friday through Sunday I…

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