What Makes You Me?

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‘Pop!’ I opened my lunch box to reveal a lovely, fluffy looking cake. Saliva started to slowly make its way out of my mouth when the sweet smell of chocolate assailed my sense. I couldn’t wait to devour it. All that was left was to sprinkle the icing sugar on now. Eating had become my new addiction after I had got away from drugs. Looking up from my cake I could see my friend running towards me.
“Grace,” my friend shouted to me flashing a piece of paper, “I need you to hold this for me because I have to give this assignment to a teacher!”
“I’m not holding your dumb drugs for you, Ash” I declared.
“Please, I’m only just starting to fit in! You don’t want to be the reason they all hate me, do you?” Ash pleaded.
“Fine, you’d better come back fast, I don’t want to be stuck with them by myself.” I stated defeated.
Ash disappeared in a flash. She’d better be fast. The people she hangs out with aren’t the best. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. There was no appeal to hang out with the ‘cool kids’ to me with their lifeless eyes that stare through you and skin from war that battles to keep the dead souls that are in a body of a corpse function. Ash was making us sit with them today. Goosebumps raised when my skin touch the cold metal seat around a large table in an isolated part of the cafeteria away from everyone. The only person I would sit with would be Ash. Not many people came to this area, it was more of the loner side of the school. I wasn’t liked by many anymore.…

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