What Makes You Successful?

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Have you ever wanted something so badly in your life you would give up your own life for it? Many of us have felt like that at least once in our lives, whether it involves landing our dream job, getting accepted into the school of our dreams, or even getting that special someone. Willpower means having the determination and drive to accomplish whatever goal you might have. Having a strong willpower will only benefit you, it will help you overcome any obstacles and give you a push to never give up. Reflect back on a time in your life when you were highly motivated to accomplish a goal. What made you successful? Dancing has always been a big part of my life, it is my first love, and it will forever keep a special place in my heart. It has been a part of me since the age of 3, I slept, ate, and breathed for dance. I danced everyday for 10 years, but once I thought this was going to be my life forever, God had a different plan for me. On November 2007, my life changed completely, it was during a dance recital when I heard a tear. It was not until my dance routine had ended that I tried getting up but failed to do so, that was when I had realized that what I heard was the tear of one of my leg muscles. On the next day I went to get my leg checked out, which is when my doctor had confirmed that I had indeed torn one of my calf muscles. Of course I was devastated, it meant I had to put a pause on dancing to get surgery and rehab my leg. Not being able to dance made this
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