What Makes You The Person You Are? Essay

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What makes you the person you are? Starting with biologically, when we are born we have a sex female or male. Socialization helps create the person you will be. Your family starts to raise you through their beliefs. The peers come along and help you become the person you are without your parents. Then media comes and influences you to other cultures and beliefs. This is when family socialization begins, based on the sex parents start giving gender roles. When you find out someone is pregnant the first question asked is what is the sex? If it is a girl most times you get pink clothing if it 's a boy you get blue clothing. Have you noticed that parents give little boys toy cars and girls barbies? Or if a little boy falls they say strong boys don’t cry? This is gender roles, society 's idea of how men and women should act. Gender roles affect everyone but most people don’t realize it. How has gender roles affected me? If I wear a dress or a skirt I am expected to sit “like a lady”, I have the expectation of not getting dirty outside because that 's masculine, I’m considered weak because I can show my emotions freely, and the list goes on. Gender roles affect everyday life from what you wear in the morning to my hobbies. If my parents would have given me a toy car or told me that strong girls don’t cry, maybe things would be different. Your family doesn’t just socialize you to gender roles, they teach you right from wrong, how to dress, to ride a bike , and religion
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