What Makes You Unique Research Paper

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(#3) What makes you unique? A day when you do not learn something is a day gone to waste. This phrase has stayed in the back of my mind, shaping my path through life, since the beginning high school. My strongest core value would have to be this need for knowledge. Of course, before high school, I had not put much thought into what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I had a rough transition from middle school to high school but I discovered even if my academic performance was not at its best, I always enjoyed going to classes, taking notes, and organizing assignments and materials. I also loved figuring out how things worked and how to make them work in the most efficient way, learning about other countries and cultures, and getting to know people and their stories. Due to the rough transition, my parents assumed I just did not…show more content…
They became more like family to me than just friends, we supported each other through everything and in every way. However, we were all going through the same grade at the same age, so when something happened and none of us knew what to do they would go to their parents for advice. I, unfortunately, was not in constant communication with my parents. This pushed me head first into figuring things out on my own, as well as learning from my mistakes on my own. Every day was a challenge knowing if I truly desired something I would have to fully support myself the whole way there. I had my friends, but at the end of the day when I get home, there is no one there to ask me about those dreams or to support my pursuit of them. I often wondered if not having my parents around would damage future relationships because I was alone so frequently. But instead it paved the way towards me having even deeper friendships because I understand what people need to feel connected or loved; all because I lacked that and I wished for
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