What Makes Your Favorite Movie?

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“What is your favorite movie?” Ms. Patrisko asked me this question and by this time I knew that I was hired. I was 16 and it was spring time. The summer was coming up and it was going to be a very big one for movies. This job would be something different for me and would help shape my future. The five years that I had spent working and growing through a movie theater supplied me with many memories, an opportunity to grow as a professional and has equipped me with lifelong friends. Some of my most favorite memories were constructed at the little movie theater in Wooster, OH. One of the major perks to working at a movie theater, is the fact that I was able to get into any movie I wanted to at any time. I was also able to take friends to the movies for free which made me pretty popular with everyone! My fondest memory of working at the movie theater was watching movies before they were to come out. It seemed every Thursday night I would be at the movie theater after 12:00AM, sitting down with my friends, devouring freshly popped popcorn, guzzling on some Cherry Coke, and eating as much delicious candy as possible. As I progressed through the company, this became a reoccurring theme throughout the five years I spent there. When I finally became an assistant manager, I was in charge of building movies. Building movies consisted of taking anywhere from five to even eight or nine movie reels and splicing them together in the correct order to create the movie. This was

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