What Makes Your Minecraft Ingame Name?

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What is your minecraft ingame name (IGN)? _ClickClick_ How old are you? 14 Where are you located? (Country, timezone) Australia [EASTEN} What is your current rank? Exotic When did you first join Opcraft (Estimate if needed) About 2 years Ago. Which Opcraft.net server are you applying for? (the gamemode you play the most) Ultra Op factions Why do you want this staff position on Opcraft. Many people have different reasons to apply for staff. Mine will sound a little cheesy but its true. I purely enjoy helping people. It gives me a sense of gratitude when I show someone how to do things the right way or help someone with their issues. I am a good problem solver and I have an analytical brain. These traits make my job easy and fun. I know that staff isn’t meant to be a fun job, but keeping a cheerful attitude on job and being friendly to players makes more people want to come back to the server. I have two modes when being staff; one cheery light mood when I joke around and talk with players and a serious mood when dealing with issues. I NEVER allow these two to mix together because that could jeopardize my position and probably annoy some players. Lastly, I know that certain people apply for the rank because they think it will bring them respect and make them cool. I have never considered this as a reason to apply and I frankly hate these types of people. They often end up abusing their power and getting banned. I have never abused and will never abuse. I am applying because I

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