What Makes a Business Successful?

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Corporate Success I chose the subject of corporate success because I work in a corporate office. My major is Business Management, in which I am fascinated. I feel this research will help me understand my chosen career path better. I am familiar with the structure, policies and procedures within the corporate world, but I know there is more to a successful business than just what is seen on the surface. There are many aspects of a business that make it profitable and successful. If you have one person with a great idea you can make it successful. With our ever changing technology and the digital age, competition has become fierce. If companies do not keep up with the new technology, the business may not be profitable and could end up…show more content…
How does a corporation like Clipper Magazine, which started in a college dorm room, become a successful company and remain that way for 30 years? I thought his reply would be complex and require a lot of notes, however it did not. His reply was simple. “It is the people, from top management clear down to the hourly workers. Having a staff of dedicated and proud workers makes this company successful” (Hauber). He also stated that “in order to keep a company successful one must never look back, always look forward and keep heading in that direction. Do not fear change; embrace it, as it is the one thing certain in any business” (Hauber). I asked him, as a CEO what do you do when you see the business is heading in a negative direction? Steve replied “being a CEO of a successful corporation is a great job, but you have to separate your work from the friendships you’ve made and make tough decisions sometimes. It isn’t always easy, but you do what you have to do, to take the company to the next level.” We talked about my goals, going back to school and a recent opening of a management position in the company. I told him I would have loved to apply, but I felt I was not ready or equipped with the necessary skills I needed for the position. He stated that I lost a golden opportunity to learn about what is required to be a successful manager. His advice to me was, “you may not have gotten the position, but being successful
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