What Makes a Classic?

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“Classic” is a term used to describe many things, such as a defining moment or a memorable book. When a book is described as a classic, it persuades new readers to discover why it is so memorable to those who have read it before them. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, published in 1960, is a common example of a literary classic, studied in classrooms all over the world today. Peace Like a River is a newer novel by Leif Enger, one that may very well become a classic in the future. It is an immensely profound novel that presents a new way of looking at the role of miracle in today’s lives. However, how would a novel like Peace Like a River, become a classic similar to To Kill a Mockingbird? While reading To Kill a Mockingbird, there were…show more content…
Tom’s death was inevitable; it had to happen to emphasize the novel’s meaning. In Peace Like a River, Rueben, who has been plagued with asthma since the day he was born, and his father Jeremiah, and younger sister Swede, are on the search for his outlaw brother who was accused of murder. Rueben has witnessed his Jeremiah’s many miracles throughout his life. As their search for Davy comes to an end, Rueben and his father share in a life-changing miracle. A gun is pointed at Jeremiah, but Rueben jumps in and shields his father from harm, taking a fatal wound to his chest, while Jeremiah is only slightly wounded. However, it is his father that dies, and Rueben lives, with his lungs being miraculously cured. Jeremiah’s death was a sad cloud over the sunshine of joy that Ruben and his family and friends were feeling over the finding of Dave. However, without his father’s death, Rueben could not have learned what his father was trying to teach him, faith in God and miracles. Jeremiah’s death was also necessary for the plot to continue to where Rueben wraps up the story and shows the readers the lesson he learned, and how he and his family’s life turned out because of their journey. Without the father’s death, the story would still have worked, but perhaps would have seemed superficial, and would be less credible. A classic should present something of value and morality. It should teach a life lessons in a profound way that can still be
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