What Makes a Good Coach

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What makes a good coach?

Coaches can come in all shape and sizes and use a variety of techniques and methods. Some may be great tacticians with a deep knowledge of the sport whereas others may be great motivators. But whether it candlin or capello all coaches have roles and responsibility in order to make them effective leaders.

• In a coaching role it is needed for you to develop the skills of organising, safety, providing instruction, explanation, and demonstrating, observing, analysing and providing feedback. There are number of roles and responsibilities that a coach must maintain. A number of roles are included and many more are involved.

• Roles that a good coach may display are : Innovator- sport
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The Miners defeated Kentucky 72-65 in the historic championship game, both examples show how innovation can work on different levels and how it impacts on sport, innovation is needed at all levels of sport whether it is just to make training more fun or to change the face of a sport, effective coaches will always find time to reflect on both their coaching and where necessary return to the role of a learner to further develop and improve their own knowledge and professional development to learn from coaches in other sports, such as in 2006 when the British lions coaching staff employed former freestyle wrestler Paul Stridgeon as a contact coach as a way to improve tackling by using techniques associated normally associated with wrestling

Role Model – coaching is no longer just about improving performances, increasingly it is becoming about shaping a person, performers come from a verity of backgrounds and have different reasons for part, but typically watch and copy the actions of their coach, or in basic terms “ monkey see monkey do” if a coach conducts themselves in a positive manner and maintains a strong work ethic and plays fair these characteristics are likely to rub off on the performer and the coach has had a positive effect on their performer/ athlete ,however if a coach acts in a negative way such as being brash cocky arrogant with a low regard for sporting etiquette then theses traits are also likely to

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