What Makes a Good Manager

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Introduction: The Merriam Webmaster online dictionary (2010) defines management as: “The act or art managing: the conducting or supervising of something (as a business)”. The word “art” is used in this formal definition of management because in some aspects, it is a kind of art as much as a science. The person who conducts, supervises or manages a business or household affairs is known as manager. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (2010), Manager is the person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff. However, there is a big difference between being a manager and being a “good” manager. A good manager should have some very basic qualities. He or she must have a strong communication…show more content…
They have 425 stores with 134,000 employees across Britain. However, they were not doing as well as they were expecting to do during the last couple of years. Finally they appointed a new CEO on 29th of March 2010. After six months, on 9th September 2010, company released their half-yearly financial report where they summarized: * Turnover up by 9.1% * Like-for-like sales up by 0.9% * Underlying profit before tax increased by 14% * Net debt decreased by £36m * Underlying earnings per share jumped by 23% * Interim dividend climbed up by 14% In addition, they also highlighted that the average number of customers they served per week significantly increased to 800,000. In a statement, Sir Ian Gibson, non-executive chairman of Morrison, said that “Our new CEO, Dalton Philips, has made a great start in the business and with the leadership team is developing positive plans for the next phase of growth for Morrison”. So it clearly reflects the impact of a good manager into a business. A good manager can totally change the style of a business by implementing his/her own managerial strategies. CONCLUSION As successful it can become, it also comes with a great deal of price. That’s why they are called managers. Every successful and leading business must have a risk-taking manager who is willing to implement and experiment different ideas. Although, it can incur a lot of money

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