What Makes a Good and a Bad Manager?

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Introduction Why do some individuals become good managers while others do not? Lack of good managerial skills contributes to poor management. The issue is that these individuals have not developed the required skills and behavior because they had not had any formal training on managerial skills. In most cases, people are promoted into managerial positions but they are not offered right support and development to fulfill their duties adequately. Most corporate professionals will find themselves in a managerial position at some point in their career, but unfortunately job experience does not always provide managerial experience. To begin with, bad managers control while good managers empower. It is natural to feel that the organization will not run smoothly if the manager does not dictate every action of every worker every day. This is not only impossible, but it would never yield best results. Heavy control kills innovation and creativity. When a manager encourages the workers to take initiatives and try new things, there will be amazing results. Google is one organization which was famed for allowing its employees spend up to 30 % of their work time on ‘’innovation time off’’ leading in highly creative and gainful projects like Ad sense and Gmail. With bad managers, when things go wrong, as they inevitably do, their natural reaction is to isolate and punish the culprit. While accountability is significant, strategy is far more crucial. On other hand, good managers
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