What Makes a Monster Essay

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What Makes a Monster?

Monsters are often thought of as green, abnormally large and scary. They are believed to hide in dark shadows and forgotten street corners. Monsters have a bad reputation and the very nature of the term monster is not smiled upon. I believe these thoughts are generic and relics of a much safer past. In our morally bankrupt society monsters exist in the realist scariest form. As we step into adulthood and take our heads out of the comic books that shows us the danger of the Green Goblin we must now be alerted the real demons. Adolf Hitler killed thousands upon thousands of people. His persona and legacy can only be thought of as sick and sadistic. Adolf Hitler did by himself what would take an entire army of
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This lead to a total DNA change that turned him into a huge psychotic lizard. Peter Parker who had been bit by a radio active spider was now on a search to rediscover who he really is and only at the age of sixteen. If Stan Lee's classic comic was meant to teach us anything it was meant to teach us that we have a choice. Peter Parker a low income orphan, who was bullied and weak used his powers to become a hero. Osborne decided other wise. Using not Spiderman, but Peter Parker as my last explain I would like to show you that what makes a monster is more than the struggle for power as I earlier stated. It is the choice we make with that power whether it is given to us or taken.
In conclusion I want to provide you with a few points of clarity. Power did not make Adolf Hitler a monster. Self-love, greed, and ill convinced passion made Hitler the monster history remembers him as. Passions gone wrong made Dr. Osborne into an actual scaly green monster he became. Passion may have drove these men to extreme lengths, but their bad choices made them monsters. Good thing that in every comic, movie, and history book, there is always a few Peter Parkers' to save the day. You can not have the bad guys with out the
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