What Makes an Academic Text Effective

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What makes an academic text effective? Is it the imagery within the text? The use of significant quotes and stories? The structure? From the start of this semester we have studied the way different articles and texts are written from an academic point of view. Project to project, article to article, Readings on Writings to Writings on Writings- I have learned a lot about how others have conducted themselves when writing and what role reading and writing plays in my life. Prior to this course I only wrote for good grades and occasionally for myself, now I write for society and myself. To answer the question above, writing is made effective when is contains imagery, quotes, stories and structure; Writing is made most effective when it contributes to an ongoing conversation. At the beginning of this course I considered myself a good writer, but not an effective one. I could only write about what I wanted to and was slightly closed-minded. The improvement in my writing skills is not only evident in my main projects, but also in my smaller ones including my IWAs and RIWAs. I would write lengthy paragraphs that did a good job talking about all of the readings and how it affected my life, but would simply just quote writers instead and sometimes for get to elaborate on their actual ideas. When comparing one of my first IWAs on Kantz, Helping Students Use Textual Sources Persuasively to one of my later RIWA on Johns, Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice the way I
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