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I believe that in large measure what makes an organization successful in meeting the needs of its various constituencies is its distinctiveness. Organizations that have strong and unique cultures generally experience excellent performance which implies why many of the most successful organizations today are thriving and growing because, in large part, of their unique and strong styles and values towards corporate culture.
Yet these same conditions pose a critical set of challenges but yet retain the essential cultural elements that have made it attractive and resilient. More than ever, successful organizations will need to develop learning and communication systems that will sustain the kind of strong cultures that make them distinctive
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Leadership is also about creating vision and inspiring people to change and getting others actively involved in building and supporting the process.
I believe one of the similarities between FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River is how they build and inspire the people in their teams. While many organizations see development as an individual responsibility, FMC Aberdeen & FMC Green River has learned building people is an organizational responsibility. This is why they have to continue to provide the tools, time and other resources that allow their people and teams to do great work. Their leaders must be involved with and support programs that build people and teams and that have attitudes that are positive, can lend themselves to their causes and are interested in performing as a team and whose joy is in team results instead of individual accomplishments.
Organizational culture, then, is an important asset of their organization and one that needs to be nurtured. Since an organization’s culture is a set of learned patterns of behavior and belief, it’s important to see how their training and performance improvements can manage their organizations’ learning and communication systems so that their culture continues to thrive, remain strong, but not stagnate. Certain kinds of organizational cultures promote learning and information-sharing. In these environments, much less investment in formal training is necessary,

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