What Makes an Organization Successful

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I believe that in large measure what makes an organization successful in meeting the needs of its various constituencies is its distinctiveness. Organizations that have strong and unique cultures generally experience excellent performance which implies why many of the most successful organizations today are thriving and growing because, in large part, of their unique and strong styles and values towards corporate culture. Yet these same conditions pose a critical set of challenges but yet retain the essential cultural elements that have made it attractive and resilient. More than ever, successful organizations will need to develop learning and communication systems that will sustain the kind of strong cultures that make them…show more content…
This would provide various departments with a common language or set of terms with which they could share their ideas and request information. And as work life becomes increasingly symbolic and reality is indeed being constructed within people's minds, the organizations will be able to develop and facilitate corrective actions towards self-directed work teams rather than simply direct and control. I furthermore believe that the same methodologies will work for both organizations through an approach that promotes organizational design that goes beyond the quality circles or ad hoc problem-solving teams. I would recommend to these two organizations to reduce the process to individual steps which will allow work to become restructured around the whole process instead of organizing work based on the traditional model that reduces the required skill at every level of work, producing boredom in the bottom-level jobs and integrate a new system that connects the needs of the people with the work to be done, and those closest to the jobs help design the job. This concept by the way of designing the work system with the full participation of the people doing the work will contribute to productivity breakthroughs for their organization for many years to come. www.businessjournal.com www.oscn.net/applications/oscn/deliverdocument George, J.M., & Jones, G.R. (2005). Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior. Pearson Education
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