What Marketing Has Done Is Remarkable For The Whole Idea Of Business Concept

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Nearly two or three decades back, nobody would have ever dreamt in their wildest dreams the way in which the marketing would have metamorphosed the needs/requirements of consumers. Take for example mobile phones: we never had that but its only marketing which has made it so tempting that everyone buys it, and even spends a large amount of money on it. As Philip Kotler says, “If production is creating utility, than marketing is creating demand.” What marketing has done is remarkable for the whole idea of business concept. The point is that, the concept of selling few years back talked about the pre product market research. This involves studying te market and consumer behavior and than work on for the product that is most required in the target market segment. But, suddenly things have changed. Now, companies bring in classy, high quality new products and also spend a large amount of money on its advertisement through TV, Newspaper, Journals and Internet sources. Now it becomes very difficult to restrain from buying the product with certain unique feature, which has yet to become popular. Consumers are over and over again jiggling on the subject of what they actually require and desire. If marketing just reflects what consumers’ requirements and needs, when consumers alter their mind in relation to what they wish for and how, retailers as well as manufactures soar to offer them what they desire, but the subsequent, consumers altered their mentality and want something

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