What Materials And Chemicals Will Be Used?

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Table of Contents Introduction 1 Background 1 Significance 1 Materials and Methods 4 What materials and chemicals will be used? 4 Circuit/System Design 5 Results and Discussions 7 Anticipated results 7 Simulations 7 Conclusions 8 Brief summary 8 References 9 Introduction Background In the market currently, there are smart thermostats that only takes away the hassle out of adjusting temperature in your room by programming temperatures at different time intervals. This wristband will allow the user to adjust the temperature without any programming. This would be practical and easy to use as there is no programming involved, as wearing the wristband will automatically optimizes the temperature according to your body temperature. This project will create an intelligent solution to improve the comfort level of users automatically, and be useful to larger buildings where accessing the thermostat may be difficult. There currently exists a device called “WristQue” which was invented by MIT. This device is a wearable wrist band that allows you to manually control the temperature in the room [1]. It was developed as a convenient remote to control your temperature. It consists of three buttons one that allows you to increase the room temperature, one that allows you to decrease the temperature and the third is an auxiliary button that can be programed to do what you want it do [1]. This device implements a sensor chip manufactured by Sensirion the specific chip is the SHT25
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