What Measure Can Be Taken For Lessen Man Made Forest Fires?

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Edith Rivas
Prof. Cisler
English 101
November, 20 2016
What is at Stake? Rough Draft
Research question: What measure can be taken to lessen man-made forest fires?
Forest fires have been an issue that has plagued Arizona for quite some time now. Although it is not a problem we often hear spoken about, it stills need to addressed. Most of the wildfires that occur are man-made, caused by the careless actions of people. The public needs to be informed on how to prevent/lessen forest fires in order to start winning this endless battle. People need to start to understand that although they might not be the one’s getting hurt through their actions, that does not mean others are not. Forest fires area serious topic and it is time we accept it. At first glance it seems like not everyone is affected by the fires, but that is not necessarily true. Although it might not seem obvious what is affecting everyone, it does not mean it is not happening. With this ‘What is at Stake’ assignment we will address some of the many groups that correlate back to the forest fires. I hope this assignment provides some insight on all the different type of people can be affected because of a forest fire. Stakeholder Map:

Statement of Stakeholder Interest:
Residents that live near a forest have the most at stake for this issue. There is a big possibility that they can lose their homes, and no one wants to experience the loss of a home. People work hard in order to
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