What Measures Should Be Taken By Tourism

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What measures should be taken by tourism businesses to improve the way in which they serve Chinese travellers? Why should these measures be widely adopted?

Over the last decade, China has been by far the fastest-growing outbound tourism market in the world and the Chinese market is one of the tourism sector’s major growth opportunities. Due to rapid economic growth, rising disposable incomes and loosening restrictions on foreign travel by the government, the volume of international trips by Chinese travellers has grown from 10 million in 2000 to 83 million in 2012 (Cripps, 2013). Expenditure by Chinese outbound tourists has also increased dramatically since 2000. With sustained growth, China has become the largest spender in international tourism globally (UNWTO, 2013). This remarkable growth has drawn attention from travel industry, from hotels to restaurants to destination as a whole, to adapt to this inflowing of Chinese tourists various ways. An essential step to ensure destinations and tourism providers develop and distribute products that effectively serve the Chinese market is to recognise the behaviors and needs of Chinese travellers which become more dynamic than ever before (Gray, 2013). The overall satisfaction of Chinese tourists is also an important factor in creating an appealing destination image for this market. All of theses facts suggested why there is a need for tourism destination and business to adopt a diverse range of measures not previously
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