What Medicine Should Do About The Chiropractic Menace

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Antitrust laws were put in place in an effort to prevent the control or monopolizing of business or practices that would limit competition. Antitrust laws apply to all kinds of industry including that of the medical field. In 1962 the Iowa Plan, was concocted and authored by Robert B. Throckmorton, and then adopted by the Iowa Medical Society in an effort to destroy and eradicate the field of Chiropractic medicine in that state. Under the section titled, “What Medicine Should Do About The Chiropractic Menace” Part G of the Iowa Plan includes the section, “Undertake a positive program of 'containment ' outlining specific practices that can be incorporated in an effort to eliminate the competition with the promise that “If this program…show more content…
By the end of 1974 Chiropractic was recognized and licensed in all fifty U.S. States, and the Committee on Quackery was disbanded with their efforts being considered a success but by then the damage to the chiropractic profession was done (Burkhart, 2014) In 1976 Chester Wilk and four Chiropractic colleagues began to fight back and filed a suit against the American Medical Association. Their battle took eleven long years, but on September 25, 1987 a new dawn appeared for Chiropractors across the nation when US District Judge Getzendanner ruled in favor of the plaintiff(s). Judge Getzendanner 's ruling stated, “that the American Medical Association had violated Section 1 of the Sherman Act, and that the AMA had engaged in an unlawful conspiracy in the restraint of trade, “to contain and eliminate the chiropractic medical profession”. She also ruled that “the AMA had entered into a long history of illegal behavior” and issued a permanent injunction against the AMA under the Clayton Act (Burkhart, 2014). It has been decades since Judge Getzendanner 's ruling and chiropractic physicians continue to feel the sting from the damage inflicted from the actions of the AMA and the Committee on Quackery. Clinical evidence is available and supports the efficacy and reliability of chiropractic treatments and procedures

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