What Might Be Required For Indigenous Australians? Essay

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What might be required for Indigenous Australians to develop effective governance to drive their own development? In answering this question, consider the conditions under which Australian Indigenous people are challenged to develop effective governance in the contemporary settler state and what might need to change.

Governance in Indigenous Australians context is complex, it is an opportunity for power in decision making and has a priority focus to maintain its individual communities traditions and values - its cultural governance. The governance drivers that aid in effective Indigenous development include cultural governance and an appreciation of its capacity and diversity, the Indigenous nodal networks and how they impact governance, the importance of leaders and the capacity of the community to govern and governments effective engagement with Indigenous communities will be explored.
However there are challenges in developing effective governance in the contemporary settler state including changing government policy frameworks and multi-levels of government, history of settler relationships and a focus on attempts to assimilate Indigenous governance with western values. These intercultural challenges indicate that there are bilateral conditions that may need to change for Indigenous people to be able to drive their own development. Examples from different trials and projects in Indigenous communities are drawn on to demonstrate the drivers and challenges for
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