What Motivates Employees At The Workplace?

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What Motivates Employees In the Workplace?
Keep Your Employees Motivated
Understanding the 5 Components of Motivation

Many employers know that motivation is a key element of being a good leader. Yet, somehow they still seem to miss the mark when it comes to actively motivating their employees. Employee motivation ought to be a priority on any employer’s list and we are here to help guide you, as a leader, in improving your motivation game.

It’s a proven fact that a workforce that is motivated, engaged and responsive is considerably more productive than an unmotivated, apathetic group of employees. Businesses with motivated employees also benefit from people who work harder and generate higher-quality results. These businesses see lower turnover rates and, in turn, save the time and money it would take to recruit and train replacements.
Now before going any further, let’s stop and review what exactly motivation is.
The Webster dictionary defines motivation as “something inside people that drives them to action.” This being the case, what motivates one person may be different from the next.

Motivation comes from within. It emerges from theories, out of needs, values, goals, intentions and expectations. Leaders don’t need to create motivation. Instead, they need to cultivate and direct the motivation that is already in each employee.

By understanding what motivates individual employees, employers and managers will be able to better grasp why people perform the way they do
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