What Motivates Me For College

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What motivates me to go to college,to put hard work in,day after day, and to achieve my goals in higher education is my parents and myself. Since I started elementary school my parents have always motivated me to go to college. I was always a good student, but, when I had entered seventh grade, it all changed. I really did not care about school, i have been just whatever about school period. Then it hit me again in my junior year of high school. Freshman and sophomore I was not really interested in school and didn 't think I was going to college. My parents had a talk with me and that talk changed me. They were just asking me what am I going to do with my life if I didn 't go on with school and all this other stuff that made me think really hard. I didn 't want to make my parents think that their son was a failure, they raised a failure. I changed my ways and started doing better in school and now I am currently attending Cal State University of Los Angeles. Now they are more proud than ever, me being the first one in my family to attend a university. My parents will always be my biggest motivators. One reason why my parents will always be my biggest motivators is because they know what 's right from wrong and they know life. They tell me and always pushed me to do my best no matter what. They told me I 'm going to have a lot of distraction and a lot of things I do not want to go through but, its going to happen, thats just life. In the beginning of Elementary school, I…
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