What Motivates Me : My Life, My Friend, God, And Other Peoples Words Of Wisdom

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I know there are a number of motivations and different ways to be motivated. To my experience, I always thought motivation was being inspired by someone else with their wisdom and testimony of experiences. What motivates me are my family, God, and other peoples words of wisdom. I have a 60-year-old professor who’s shared his experiences in life, the mistakes he’s made, and what he’s learned over time. His words of wisdom have motivated me in a big way, and has changed my perspective in life.
Learning Inventory I was astonished by this book from the beginning. I learned a number of things from this book, and valuable information that can be useful to me later in life. I have never heard of the phrase, “Carrots and Sticks” until reading this book. The meaning seemed reasonable; The mule either gets rewarded with carrots, or punished by a whip-stick. He refers the phrase “carrots and sticks” to employees being rewarded or being punished. It was an interesting phrase that resonated in my mind, and now constantly thinking about it. “Carrots and Sticks” changed my view of society and business. Made me realize what companies do to their employees, and how they are either mistreated or rewarded the wrong way. The employees lose interest in their jobs, and that bothers me because it could happen to me or anyone of us.
Two interesting concepts that I learned was intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation means you liked performing an action or behavior…

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