Essay about What Motivates People to Visit Themed Hotels

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BS 3149 Research Methods in a Hospitality Context

Student ID: 1116639 Robert Gordon University Business Hotel Management School BA Hotel and Hospitality Management Course Research Methods in a Hospitality Context Motivation of people to visit themed hotels Module Co-ordinator: Heather Robinson

Submission Date: 13:00 19th December 2011 Word Count: 4200
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Nowadays there are plenty of different hotels in all over the world and most of them can easily satisfy even the most extraordinary customers’ expectations. But how do people choose the hotels? Of course the pricing plays a big role in it, but when talking not about the pricing what aspects in the hotels are important. Why do travelers choose particular hotels? The aim of this research is to identify the motivations of guests to stay in themed hotels.
To identify principal criteria of selecting hotels the following objectives were set: * Review the elements of themed hotels * To explore what guest segment do themed hotels have in Luzern * To explore the motivations of the guests of themed hotels in Luzern coming to that hotels
Generally there are two main groups of customers: leisure people, who would like to travel to see the new places and get some new experience, and there are business travelers, who are going to the hotels not for leisure, mostly for conventions and business meetings. If the purpose of travelling is different that means that the way of selecting the hotels is not the same.
The more people experience, the more they want. For example if the person visited a hotel with amazing service, ambience and all other criteria were excellent for him, most probably he would not chose a hotel which is worse, on the contrary he will want to expect the same or something better. Sometimes people are
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