What Motivates Toyota Employees?

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What motivates Toyota Employees? To help guide the motivation practices of Toyota we will look at the concept of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, which is pyramid of different levels of needs. First is the lowest level which is Physiological needs, the next is Safety needs, Love & Belonging, then Esteem, and the highest level is Self-Actualization. Only when the first two levels are meet, then employees can achieve higher levels such as esteem and self-actualization, which make them work more efficiently, with more drive and more innovative ideas. Toyota builds upon these human needs and integrates a concept called “Toyota Kata” which is building habits for continuous improvement. All employees of Toyota are satisfied in lower level needs, they are well paid, they have job security, and the working environment is safe and organized (Liker, 2004, p.210). Toyota also provides childcare and recreational facilities available on site for employees, with all these benefits employees are content and can focus on big picture ideas. Toyota promotes a strong team spirit and sense of belonging by showing no discrimination between team members; or between managers and employees. In particular, “There are no private parking facilities, private cafeterias for managers, private offices, or private secretaries. All staff are encouraged to wear the company uniform and are called by their first name” (Besser, 1995, p.390). This practice makes employees really feel that they are a part of a
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