What Motivates You To Study America

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For a Chinese student first came to study in America, the most common question asked by my classmates and teachers is “why would you come to U.S.?” or “what motivates you to study in a foreign country?” My answer was brief, “because American Education is the best in the world.” I know that my response is somewhat naive and lack of evidence. But now, after diligently struggling for three years in high school, I have a more persuasive explanation to certify that my decision of studying aboard was brilliant.
Comparing to the American education, the Chinese one that I have experienced confines and eventually strangles students’ imagination. Early in the Elementary school, teachers had instilled the idea in my mind that test scores are the primary evaluation of a student’s academic ability. Answering the problems correctly is the students’ goal. Students would be admitted to an excellent college, high school, even middle school if they perform outstandingly in the tests. Students are always ranked based on their grades, and they have to hand in the corrections with parent’s signature next to the test grade on the day after the test has been handed back. I clearly remember one question from the Second Grade Math
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In the next three years of receiving American education, I have enriched my knowledge and gradually developed the critical thinking skill-- the ability to think rationally at anywhere in any situations-- through reading books, doing projects, volunteering and participating in extracurricular activities. Indeed, I have experienced exclusive American culture, surprised by the immense diversity and customs of American residents. Surrounded by the American education environment, I grow stronger, smarter, more mature and even more talented for the past three
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