What Motive Or Reason For The Invasion Of Africa?

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What motive or reason would the Axis powers use to invade North Africa? There were many reason for the Axis’ reason for the invasion of Africa. A prime goal for the Axis powers was to gain oil control in the Middle East. As well as getting some of Britain’s power and control of the Mediterranean Sea away from them. During the invasion, Germany lost many of its valuable resources.The Allies response was to stop the Axis from further movement. Then, the difference in the fighting was when President Eisenhower decided to join the British in fighting. By invading Africa, it gave the Allies new resources such as food that was rationed out to the soldiers and a new plan to attack Germany from. A few primary goals for the Axis powers to invade North Africa. The first goal they had in mind was that of cutting off the Allies’ oil access in the Middle East. As oil was a big strategic advantage. Armies were becoming more modernized and they became more mechanized by oil powering. Another objective was the control of the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal was a valuable connection for Britain of its international rule. As well as providing a valuable link with the Mediterranean Sea (www.historynet.com). The ultimate goal for the invasion was to prevent the British from gaining too much in North Africa. War fired up in North Africa when Italy declared for war in 1940. Italy was a key piece to the puzzle for Britain’s control of the Mediterranean. If Italy would continue neutrality, Britain…
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